CokeSpeak: "A sophisticated form of language, containing half-truths dissembled as common sense. Its objective is to deceive the listener, usually for profit".

Foods shouldn’t be considered ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ experts say

Alice says: Just the news I've been waiting to hear, and its from 'experts' too so it must be true! Originally from : Think that piece of chocolate cake is "bad," but the spinach is "good?" The bacon is "naughty" but the tomato "just dandy?" You may be surprised to learn the idea of good and … [Read more...]

Getting Started with CokeSpeak

To persuade you something is true, when it actually isn’t true at all, I have to achieve just two things: I have to conceal the real truth, so that you don’t see or recognise it. I have to make you believe in a comfortable alternate reality, where my deception appears as near to an acceptable ‘common sense truth’ as possible. To make the point, here is a fine example of CokeSpeak: The … [Read more...]

Mogadon words

 Just relax for a moment ... Slip into silent slumber, sail on a silver mist Slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes ... and trust in me (Kaa, The Jungle Book)   Most of us recognise the mesmeric power of these lines, crooned with a sibilant lisp over an hypnotic melody. The seductive invitation is (almost) irresistable, but why … [Read more...]