CokeSpeak: "A sophisticated form of language, containing half-truths dissembled as common sense. Its objective is to deceive the listener, usually for profit".

‘Bad Science’ on soft drinks a fact of life: Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO

 Alice asks: Do I take this quote as an admission of guilt? Originally from : Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) CEO John Brock has taken a sideswipe at detractors of soft drink ingredients who he claims base negative comments on ‘bad science or no science’. “Are there any new … [Read more...]

Foods shouldn’t be considered ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ experts say

Alice says: Just the news I've been waiting to hear, and its from 'experts' too so it must be true! Originally from : Think that piece of chocolate cake is "bad," but the spinach is "good?" The bacon is "naughty" but the tomato "just dandy?" You may be surprised to learn the idea of good and … [Read more...]

Deny, Delay, Confuse or Part-pay.

Peter Clyne's (1927 - 1987) seminal work 'How Not to Pay Your Debts (a handbook for scoundrels)'  explains how debtors - including himself as it happens - use these tactics in an endless recurring sequence to avoid having to pay-up. A simple example: Denial: 'I never borrowed the £500' (in fact you borrowed £550) Delay: 'I'll pay you something soon' (in fact, you won't) Confusion: … [Read more...]