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Foods shouldn’t be considered ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ experts say

Foods shouldn’t be considered ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ experts say

Alice says: Just the news I’ve been waiting to hear, and its from ‘experts’ too so it must be true!

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Vegetables make good food choices, but dietitians now say moderation, portion control and physical activity are keys to healthy eating. (Special to the Reporter-Herald/Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

Think that piece of chocolate cake is “bad,” but the spinach is “good?” The bacon is “naughty” but the tomato “just dandy?”

You may be surprised to learn the idea of good and bad foods has no place in your overall approach to a healthy diet, (surprised – yes, says Alice, because the idea is completely insane!). According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, that idea is overly simplistic and may actually foster unhealthy eating behaviors. According to a recent study, 82 percent of adults questioned said they wouldn’t give up favorite foods to eat healthier.

Many factors, such as family and career, have to be incorporated into healthy eating, says Brian Miller, a registered dietitian in Fort Collins, Colo.

He agrees there are no good and bad foods. “You have to learn how to work what you enjoy into your diet,” he says.

Alice’s verdict: And all this time I thought that fillers, food stabilisers, trans fats, emulsifiers, artificial colouring and flavouring, mercury, aluminium, arsenic, plus sugar and salt overloads were bad for me! Now I just have to learn to enjoy them (in moderation) according to american dietitians.