CokeSpeak: "A sophisticated form of language, containing half-truths dissembled as common sense. Its objective is to deceive the listener, usually for profit".

Multiple emulsions backed for functional food development

Alice says: Please Sir! Can I  have some more multiple emulsions in my functional food? Originally from : Better use of multiple emulsion systems could help industry to develop better functional foods by reducing levels of fat, sugar and salt whilst also providing ways to incorporate bioactive compounds, researchers say. When multiple emulsions are designed for … [Read more...]

Greenwashing Makes Healthy Foods

Alice says: sounds more like a 'whitewash'. How to make people think foods are healthy: greenwash! http://www.foodpolitics.comMarch 27, 2013 10:19:48 AM GMT Green labels are all that it takes to make consumers think that foods are healthier, says a new study (see full reference below): You don’t believe this? Decide for yourself: Which candy bar is healthier? This clever study … [Read more...]